10 Ethical Ways to Attract More Traffic to Your Site


Once your website is already up and running, there are things you need to carry out to make it work to your full advantage. Refrain from assuming that your target audience will come across it on their own and get acquainted with your products or services. The following are simple ways to attract visitors to your website without compromising your moral principles:

  1. Post quality content. The time and effort you put into coming up with good content will pay off in the form of shares, referrals and ultimately new loyal customers. Whether you’re promoting your new commodity or pointing out a handful of changes in your company’s policy, nothing can make visitors drop by more than having interesting and informative content.
  1. Establish social media presence. With the current popularity of social media, it’s easier to make your products and services constantly visible. Make sure that you come up with accounts on some of the most widely used social networking sites. Always keep your eyes peeled for newer social networks as they are constantly sprouting up.
  1. Place share buttons on your site. Don’t just ask visitors to kindly share or repost your content. Provide them with a simple way to carry out such task by placing social media sharing buttons at the end of your every post.
  1. Reply and answer questions. The beauty of having social media presence is you can establish rapport with your target audience on both professional and personal levels. Whenever someone makes a comment or asks a question, reply in the best way that you can. Doing this lets you drive traffic to your site and win the trust of prospective customers.
  1. Pay special attention to your blog. If your visitors like what they see, they will surely drop by frequently to have their regular dose of your attractive and valuable posts. Make your readers clamor for more and traffic will naturally come to you.
  1. Utilize SEO sensibly. High rankings will surely drive hoards of visitors to your website. However, don’t make the mistake of over-optimizing your site to the point where every post of yours looks unnatural. Make use of today’s best SEO practices in order to get your website noticed by search engines while maintaining quality content.
  1. Interview the pros. Get authorities in your industry interviewed and post them on your website. Their respective audience will add tremendously to the amount of traffic your site gets.
  1. Be a guest writer. Check which among the websites in your industry can give you the opportunity to whip up a guest post. Being spotted on someone else’s website is a great way to divert traffic to your own site. What’s more, doing so is a wonderful way to build up an image that you’re an authority, thus winning more interest and eventually trust.
  1. Comment to get noticed. Leaving valuable remarks on other websites entices those who spot it to check out your own website. Make sure that you say more other than the likes of “thanks for this!” or “amazing post!”
  1. Make your achievements known. Share out press releases each time there is something remarkable about your business you wish to share. However, steer clear of constantly promoting insignificant endeavors to keep everyone from getting irked.

Are there other ethical website traffic-boosting techniques that worked tremendously well for you in the past? Feel free to share!


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