15 Things a Job Interviewer Looks For


Having the right education, skills and work experience is important if you want to get that dream job. However, there are a handful of other characteristics that you need — things that an interviewer is secretly looking for.

If you have an upcoming job interview, take a look at the following list and see if you really have what it takes to ace the interview and win the post:

  1. Punctuality

The interviewer doesn’t have to ask any question just to know whether or not you are punctual. He or she simply needs to see if you will be arriving for the interview in a timely fashion.

  1. Hard Worker

No employer can say no to a hard-working individual. During the interview, look for questions wherein you may briefly display your drive to meet and even surpass expectations.

  1. Team Player

Obstacles can be surpassed and goals can be achieved easily if everyone is working together. Show signs that you’re a cooperative employee to give the interviewer an idea that you’ll be a great asset.

  1. Intelligence

The interviewer can tell that you understand questions very well each time you give the appropriate answers. Ensure that you answer each and every question sensibly, in complete sentences, and using good grammar.

  1. Liveliness

Having someone energetic in the workplace is a good thing because it’s something infectious, thus allowing everyone to be more inspired and productive. Don’t make the interviewer yearn for the next person waiting outside with your listlessness.

  1. Stellar Manners

The way you act and speak before an interviewer can have a considerable impact on the job interview’s outcome. Make sure that you remain respectful and professional at all times.

  1. Maturity

There is no room in the workplace for people who are immature and too full of themselves. Because maturity is usually brought about by factors such as experience, it gives the impression that you’re a highly qualified individual.

  1. Excellent Judgment

Most interviewers will ask questions pertaining to points in the interviewees’ lives wherein they had to choose between two options. This is not a trick question. It’s just a way for an interviewer to know how well you make judgments.

  1. Good Problem-Solver

When you’re asked about a time when you faced a dilemma, the interviewer simply wants to know how good you are at solving problems that the workplace commonly has plenty of.

  1. Loyalty

Naturally, an interviewer will look for signs that an interviewee is capable of being loyal to the management, company and the work itself. Show that you’re a reliable individual by demonstrating loyalty.

  1. Positive Attitude

Having a cheerless person in the team may only bring everyone down in the dumps. Having a cheerful and an optimistic attitude can make the workplace a less stressful arena.

  1. Healthy

It can be extremely challenging for an unhealthy person to carry out the job. If it’s apparent that you are suffering from a health condition, you may have a hard time winning the nod of the interviewer.

  1. Always Prepared

Asking what the company does is definitely a no-no because it’s a telltale sign that you did not do your assignment. Impress the interviewer by showing you know something about the company or industry.

  1. Flexibility

In the real world, employees constantly face unexpected situation. The interviewer will check just how resilient you are by asking surprising questions to see how good you are at handling pressures.

  1. Detail-Oriented

Typos in your cover letter and resume may reveal the fact that you pay little attention to details. Being detail-oriented is a trait that can come in really handy when problems need to be solved correctly.


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