15 Things Customers Absolutely Hate About Business Websites


A bad website can give your business a terrible rep no matter how good your products and services are. Below are some of the things that customers absolutely hate about business websites. Access yours and check if you’re guilty of some of them.

  1. Pop-up ads. It’s true that those infuriating pop-up ads may win you a handful of new e-mail subscribers. However, in exchange for that are numerous annoyed visitors scrambling to look for commodities elsewhere.
  1. Auto-playing multimedia content. No other thing can pester consumers who want a quiet online shopping time more than your theme song playing or a salesperson talking loudly the minute they accessed your website.
  1. Too many animations. A customer disoriented by all of those movements and flashing lights may end up clicking on that back button due to disorientation. Ditch the animations and put more emphasis on quality content.
  1. Generic stock photos. Shoppers want to see your actual products, employees, office and customers, definitely not those stock photos — especially cheesy ones — that they have run into again and again in the vastness of cyberspace.
  1. Bad product images. One of the downsides of shopping online is customers have no way of holding or inspecting the items. Don’t make it even worse for them by posting blurry or poorly-lit images of the products you are selling.
  1. Incomprehensible “About Us”. The “About Us” page is one of the most vital components of a website. It can be annoying for a customer to spend a minute reading it and not understand anything due to all those business jargons.
  1. Over-optimized content. Your customers won’t think twice looking for another online vendor if your website offers nothing but keyword-dense paragraphs written more for web bots than human online shoppers.
  1. Misleading titles. An interesting title makes a customer access a website in order to read the body. Imagine the person’s frustration upon finding out that the body is nowhere near related to the title that sparked his or her interest.
  1. A homepage that doesn’t say anything. Visitors are likely to access other websites if yours comes with a home page that does not indicate what you are selling online and what makes you different from the rest.
  1. Unclear call-to-action. When asking customers to click this or click that, make sure you indicate what will happen. Doing so will save your prospective customers from all the guesswork as well as wasting precious time.
  1. Long forms to fill out. Nothing can intimidate a customer more than having to fill up a long form asking for all sorts of personal information. Oftentimes, names and e-mail addresses are enough to help you with the marketing aspect.
  1. No guaranteed security. When providing personal or financial information, online shoppers can have peace of mind only if your website has a secure page that features a security seal.
  1. Non-user friendly internal links. Internal links take visitors to other parts of your website that they’re interested in. Present them with non-working or non-user friendly links and they will surely look for what they want elsewhere.
  1. Absence of social sharing buttons. It can be very frustrating for a visitor eager to share an interesting post of yours to scroll down to look for those very important social sharing buttons and find none.


  1. It takes forever to load. Many people shop online to save time, not waste a lot of it waiting for a website to load.


Are there other things about a business website that really drive you nuts? Let your voice be heard!


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