8 Types of Employees You Should Never Hire


Welcoming the wrong person to the team can be detrimental to your business. Even with a roster of stellar employees currently under your wing, the addition of a rotten one will surely have a counterproductive effect on your venture’s daily undertakings. The following are some types of employees you should never consider signing up:

  1. Attention-Seekers

You will know this people when you see them — they’re everywhere. They show up sans an appointment to ask for an interview or inquire whether or not they made a great impression during yesterday’s interview. They constantly call or leave e-mails. Hire them and expect an office wherein everyone’s attention is centering on these attention-seekers.

  1. Uninterested People

They are able to answer all of your questions but fail to ask you any. Not having questions of their own may be a sign that they don’t have enough drive and initiative to want to learn more about the company they are about to work for. Once in your team, they may come at 9 and leave at 5 daily for one reason only: the paycheck.

  1. The Lazy Ones

Be skeptical hiring people who never bother to double-check missives, resumes, cover letters, etc. The same is true when it comes to those who don’t seem to think twice before saying anything. No matter if these people are just too lazy or actually stupid (or both), having them around can be detrimental to your venture.

  1. Veterans

Hiring people who have impressive previous experiences can work to the advantage of your business and you as the owner. However, it’s not unlikely for these people to use their veteran statuses to demand unreasonable stuff. Always weigh up highly experienced people to make sure that they will contribute more than command.

  1. The Whiners

Allowing whiners into your team will prove to be disastrous especially during stressful situations — or any other situation for that matter. Having them around is often the cause of disruptions and disagreements. Your business needs employees who will spring into action right away to deal with a negative circumstance, not waste time grumbling.

  1. Yes Men

Running a business is easier if you have employees who will diligently carry out every command of yours without question. However, these people are not necessarily the best staff members to have around. Followers tend to be short of vital characteristics such as independent thinking and initiative. Quit making orders and they will stop working.

  1. Blabbermouths

Some people simply don’t know when or how to stop talking. The sound of their voice takes up a huge slice of the office noise, easily and constantly outshining the phone ringing, printer printing, fingers touch-typing, etc. Blabbermouths are also the usual root cause of something that can break apart your team: office gossip.

  1. The Receivers

While it’s perfectly fine and welcome for applicants to ask questions during the interview, be wary of people who seem to center on queries such as vacations, sick days, promotions, salary raises, etc. Making individuals more willing to receive than give a part of your team may only keep your business from getting somewhere.

Got any experience with hiring a terrible type of employee? Feel free to share!


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