Business Down the Drain


Avoid the miseries in the World of Entrepreneurs

No one starts a business with hopes of failing. Everyone gives their all in search of glory… and gold, of course.

Starting a business is taxing. The whole process before launching one takes a lot of time and effort. The process of putting all the pieces together demands so much. Being an entrepreneur is a really big challenge.

Being a big mountain to conquer, it is not surprising to learn that entrepreneurs do face tons of problems to conquer. Some are more difficult than others, some seem as easy as pie. Addressing some of the toughest questions early on is the key.

As far as Sun Tzu is concerned, knowing your enemy and knowing yourself is the key to victory, at least in wars. Well, the world of entrepreneurs is much like a war anyway. Avoid the pitfalls many entrepreneurs fell in. Read on.

The Right Idea
The brain is one big factory of ideas. In fact it never stops generating thoughts even when we sleep. It keeps working on default and give you thought after thought.

Sometimes, that is most of the time, the problem is not in the lack of ideas. It is in the abundance of what could possibly work. We live in the idea of not knowing exactly what will work because of the rich diversity of the market and the stability of the platforms with which business could be done.

You have to begin with the right product, brand, or solution. Now the word ‘right’ is arguable. Some say that if the idea keeps bugging you even while you are brushing your teeth, you definitely have to work on it.

The right product must be usable to your market. It should be relevant to them. It must be a solution to a nasty problem, it must the help they all wished until you came and offered an answer. The product should be something you are well acquainted with. After all, you will never be able to successfully introduce a product you lack knowledge of.

The right source of funds
You need money to produce more money. Businesses do take much to get started. It costs money to get set up.

The question now is how to get those idea of yours to materialize. There are so many ways to get funds and you can be as desperate as you allow yourself to be. The thing with most entrepreneurs is that they put so much blind faith into their start-ups. They make big moves to get big quickly.

Get yourself together and line up all the expenses that you think you will accumulate. Make sure that the business runs from 6 months to 1 year without significant profit.

The right team
No matter how grand the idea is, it is never right to work alone, especially for a start-up. Choose the best team with members that reflect the things that you value. They must have the necessary skills to get the job done.

Being an entrepreneur is much like a treasure hunt. But this time, you are the one determining what the treasure will be. There will be so many challenges that you will face. Start strong by getting the tips above done early on.


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