From Creativity to Cash: The Science of Turning Your Creative Juices into Paper Bills


Creative people are seldom valued. People held on to the idea that everything is so easy money just flows in. The irony of the matter is, it is also a fact among that not all creative people get paid well for creative thinking.

Some just get stuck in boring jobs and keep their fingers crossed in pub corners, drinking to their upcoming break. But if one will give some serious thought, there are many avenues to turn those brain juices into cash.

Embrace the system
Companies are based on proven methods that sometimes have run for generations. Trying to force your way through that will not work. Both for you and your bank account. There may be better ways to do things. There may be a more creative way to begin start-ups. Maybe calling people will not work anymore. Maybe…

It is more practical to stick to the proven ways of how things are done. The time spent on trying to make something work for the sake of being unique and different is not always worth the cash.

Value Money
There is a difference between setting your life to ransacking money for your own good and valuing money. Most creatives believe in the idea that there are more important things in life than money. It is inarguably true. However, the idea that money is valuable is true, too.

It is easier to focus your thoughts on ideas when you do not have to worry about food nor the rent. It is therefore necessary to take boring day jobs until your creativity pays off.

Value Yourself
Another factor that makes it difficult to turn your creativity into a cash cow is the lack of value you put on yourself. Your idea on web layouts and strategic ways to eye-catching content have their price. Although the trouble of competing with starters and their prices may be tiresome, always put the right value to your work. There will always be somebody who will appreciate what you do and what you can do.

Get a Bigger Goal
Innovation is the key word of the decade. The internet world thrives on innovative ways to do business. And these days, the possibilities are just endless.

It is not evil to put those creative juices and set them on business goals. It doesn’t devalue creativity either. In fact, all artists are involved in business one way or another.
The idea of suffering artists has gone old school. Creatives are the big factors in business. Although the system of doing business will not change right away, there are many avenues to do business creatively. Creative solutions are necessary to thrive in the marketing world today.

Money supports creativity in countless ways. The more money you have, the greater possibilities of creative outputs can be done. Money clears a lot of boulders that make creating difficult. It also creates more time for thinking and perfecting the work. The tools necessary to work on your ideas will not be a problem.

Creativity and money do not like hate each other. In fact, they work well together.


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