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When to cut ties with valuable connections

According to some research, most of the jobs are found through personal connections. They found that 60 percent to 80 percent of jobs found were interwoven by a network of people.

Growing in the corporate world involves valuable connections that strengthen your place and status in the market. You will find mentors and valuable colleagues along the way. They extend a willing hand in tough times and provide you with valuable insights. You do the same for them.

However, for you to be consistently at the top of your game, you do not need to accommodate everyone in your web. Although a wide range of network is definitely helpful. Ties which do nothing but provide negativity has to be dealt with right away.

So when is over, over? What if at the other end of the line is a client of value? How do we know that we are doing the right thing when it comes to severing ties with an asset?

Negative Values
If some of people, no matter how influential they are to you and no matter how much they have helped you, begin to incorporate negative values to your life, make no second thoughts and sever ties. If you are being forced to commit to gambling or spend hours on excessive drinking to keep the relationship or even for the sake of friendship, it is time to walk away.

Work Standards
You are the master of your own craft. Whether it is art or business, you are in control of your outputs. You set the pace of the work and the standard for the product. You are the perfection of your craft.

Keep in the loop people who push you and your standards to perfection. Keep away from mediocre colleagues and from procrastinators. Keep in mind that you are building your own portfolio. Your works will define you. You are judged by what you have done and not by what you promise to do.

Work Principles
The reason why companies develop a culture among themselves lies behind the principle of social pressure on standards. Work ethics are observed when everybody values them. The pressure to conform is great for a newbie if everybody seems to be having no problems with what is expected of them.

The office is not meant to be a building of androids where everybody is programmed into some corporate identity. But a successful company has enough influence on its workers to value the things the company values.

Your web should be full of people who value the things you value. Protect the guiding principles you give importance to. When you think that a certain person begins threatening those principles you want to build your business on, remove them from your web.

Although we are talking about cutting ties, we do not necessarily mean that those whom you cut ties with should be on your excommunicated list. What you simply need to do is to stop yourself from receiving influence from them.


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