Hobbies That Generate Income


Why work when you can make money out of the things that you like to do. Your hobbies can turn into cash if you’re really good at it. And with the Internet ever present in our modern society, it’s easier to reach out to those people who might be interested in what you have or what you can offer. Here are some of the most lucrative hobbies found on the Net.

1. Book writing
If you deeply enjoy the process of turning out your ideas into words, then this is the income generating hobby for you. Pick a topic that you care about or a plot you’ve been playing around in your head then write it all out. Find an editor, polish your story and publish it online. You can sell your ebook at the Nook store by Barnes and Noble or at Kindle by Amazon. There are also other easy online options that allow you to self-publish your book and distribute it online.

2. Photography
A picture is worth a thousand words and apparently, a couple of bucks, too. If you have an eye for photography, you can earn a few extra dollars by selling your images online at stock photography websites like Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, ShutterPoint and many others. You can earn a cut of their profits by selling your work on their site. All you’ve got to do is register to become a member and pass their test or acceptance process, if they have any.

3. Handmade jewelry or crafts
If you’re blessed with craftiness and you’re churning out more crafts and handmade jewelry than you know what to do with them, you can try selling these at Etsy. The site specializes in art, handmade jewelry, homemade items and vintage stuff. You can even have your own business name that becomes part of your URL, hence making it easy for your customers to locate your online store. You can also use Facebook to create a page that features your homemade products. Ask your friends to like the page and ask them to suggest your page to their friends as well. But don’t stop there. Take your creations at local farmers’ markets and fairs and pass out flyers and business cards with your Etsy and Facebook page on it.

4. Walking dogs
If one of the highlights of your day is walking your dog, why not add a few dogs with you and earn a few extra bucks from it. You can charge a fee per walk, depending on your location and the number of dogs. If you feel comfortable with the dogs you’ve been walking you can even offer overnight dog sitting services, wherein you could charge more.

It’s best to first offer your services to your neighbors or co-workers and people who trust you. Taking care of another person’s pet is a huge responsibility. Once you’ve gathered a small roster of clients, you can ask them to recommend your services to their friends and co-workers.

5. Baking
Baking is a skill not everyone can boast about. If you’re one of lucky ones who excel in this craft, you might want to take advantage and earn a few extra from it. You can start by offering your baked goods for free at local art fairs and non-profit events. Pass out your business cards and ask for recommendations and referrals. You can sell them at local fundraisers and weekend farmers’ markets. If you focus on one or two products which you are good at and invest in an attractive logo and packaging together with a plate of free samples, your product should sell by itself.

You can also make use of the selling power of the Internet by creating a website or a Facebook page dedicated to your baked goods. You can post recipe blogs on your site or your own baking video tutorials.

6. Playing music
Put your musical talent into good use by becoming an evening entertainer. In addition to nightly fees and tips, most bars and restaurants will pick up your tab for the evening. If the bar scene isn’t for you, you can teach music lessons—guitar, piano, violin, etc. You can look into after-school classes or one-on-one private tutorials. Post flyers on community boards, music stores and bars and restaurants.

You can also add yourself in Google, Amazon and iTunes’ list, all of which have stores to list and distribute your music. List your music on Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora for exposure.

7. Personal shopping
Who doesn’t enjoy shopping? Whether you do it online, down at the mall or in a small out of the store, shopping is absolutely enjoyable no matter the location and no matter the purchase. If you enjoy shopping or enjoy hunting for good bargains, you might want to consider offering your services as a personal shopper. Personal shopping is a great way to earn extra cash while doing what you love because clients pay you to do their shopping for them. Duties might include finding that perfect dress for a fancy gala or picking up medicines at a local pharmacy.

Alternatively, you can write paid product or store reviews online. Start by building your followers at your Foursquare and Yelp accounts. By the time a client or a paying gig comes along you’d have already built a following.


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