How to Beat Your Already-Established Competitors


As the newbie in the industry, you may still be crawling in the dark on how to overcome your competition especially those who have already established their brand and image throughout the years. In fact, starting up in a business with so many competitions can be a fierce battle where your goal is not only to bite a chunk from your targeted market but also to establish your own name in the game.

In order to get ahead, some new entrepreneurs think that they need to get their hands dirty in order to succeed but that should not be the case. As you may (or may not) have read in one of our past articles, integrity is an essential factor which leads to the business’ success so you should never forget to keep it intact no matter how dirty the battle may become.

Here are some tips from experienced businessmen which you can use to keep your name clean while hanging it onto the top post:

1. Create a unique image and brand.

Jordan Eisenberg, the president of UrgentRx of Colorado believes that using your creativity to make an image and brand personality that’s unique while emanating the personality of their young market is a great way to make a brand personality that would become more relevant to their generation.

2. Focus on your business.

With fierce competition, new entrepreneurs usually make the rookie mistake of focusing too much on their competitors and not putting enough thought on their own image. This should not be the case, says Nick Friedman, president of Florida-based College Hunks Hauling Junk. He explained that focusing on your staff’s performance is way better than looking out of the window and waiting what your competitors are going to do next. According to him, it is better to bring out a healthy competition among your employees by providing incentives and bonuses for better performing workers.

3. Break tradition and stay ahead in innovations.

Casaplex, LLC CEO Derek Goldstein believes that you should always get ahead of the innovations on your product while How Do You Roll? CEO Yeun Yung thinks it’s best for you to think out of the box and break tradition to provide a better product and/or service to your customers. Both of these executives have the right idea in mind: keep your product updated and customized for your customers’ needs.

4. Communicate and maintain connection with the community.

There is not a single company that was able to achieve success without the help of people from the community. Wendy Jaffe, CEO of the Los Angeles-based keeps this idea in mind and believes that giving back to the community returns good Karma to your company not only because of some mythical belief but because consumers nowadays are wise by buying a good product which promises a chance to give charity to the less fortunate. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Engrave your name and authority in the market.

Authority is not easily earned but it is something necessary for a business to become successful. Dan Abbate, CEO of Robotaton Corporation in South Florida thinks this can be accomplished by a great deal of PR campaign. Businesses that do not go on massive campaigns to sell their brands are those who do not aim for success.


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