How to Choose the Perfect Manager


Trust is as hard to give as much as it is difficult to earn. This is so true especially if the thing you’re entrusting to another person is your company which you built from your hard-earned money and hard work.
This is why hiring employees to occupy the managerial position is a daunting task. Managers would be in charge of making important decisions and overseeing the business while you’re not around. With that said, it is important to keep in mind a couple of things before deciding to hand over the managerial position to a person.
A perfect manager provides the company more than his credentials can provide which is why it is better to look into his work attitude and background to avoid a bad hire. Also, you should consider promoting someone from the inside before going for the external candidates.

For companies that are already operational, it is a wise decision to consider people from the inside first because those who have already been with you from the very beginning of your business may be your best candidate for the managerial position.

Doing this before considering external applicants would not only help you keep your business going but would also make your employees see that you value their service so much so that you make them your first option. Aside from that, your company would have less trouble when it comes to the manager’s character since you and your employees are already aware of his or her work attitude.

If there is more than one candidate for the position from your roster of employees, make sure to consider if the applicants know how to build rapport. Rapport, as you may have already discovered after working with a number of people in your business, is very important to maintain a good working team. It also paves the way to great teamwork and, in the long run, a successful company.

Knowing how the applicant handles conflicts should also be part of your criteria when choosing the perfect manager. Make sure you choose someone who makes use of the diplomatic approach in dealing with arguments and misunderstandings in your business premises. According to Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis, knowing how to be politically as well as authentically correct means that a “manager should be mindful of doing the right thing” even in instances which require trade-offs to pave the way for bigger opportunities to come.

Also, determine if your manager is credible for the job. While his or her resume would help you in the beginning, talking to him and working with him would be the best way to go to establish this characteristic. You should also watch out for other qualities of a good manager like the habit of following up, being honest and true to their word, and have been proven to get things done efficiently.

The perfect manager should also have good communication skills. Aside from being able to relay information and instructions to your staff in a way which he would be able to understand, your manager should also understand your instructions to him without a lengthy and elaborate explanation.


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