How to Stay on the Top of Your Game in Business


     Reaching the top of your game whether you’re an athlete, a professional or a businessman, takes plenty of patience, skill, sweat and determination. This is why it is very important that you learn how to maintain your position.

     According to, when you wish to stay on top of your game, you should not just rely on the home court advantage. Instead, you should expand wider and conquer other places to keep your business afloat and moving forward.

     Aside from that, you should also maintain a healthy personal lifestyle by catching up with sleep, drinking plenty of water and doing regular exercise. It is also important for you to have a routine to get used to so that your body, no matter how tired or sleepless you may be, should be able to function properly.

     Meanwhile, Touch Financial UK also listed a couple of other things you need to do in order to maintain your current status in business including:

• Keep a habit of constant researching.
Research shouldn’t just be part of the beginning of your business and instead should be a constant part of your business. This is to keep your always prepared for possible opportunities of expansion and innovation for your business.

• Maintain your commitment.
Doing business is like being in a relationship, it takes continuous commitment. According to renowned author Malcom Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours (or roughly 40 hours a week for 5 years or 20 hours a week for 10 years) of continuous practice and commitment to make a person expert at something. With that said, you should prepare to become an expert in your business no matter what field it may be.

• Patience is a virtue. Success is unpredictable.
It can appear as if by magic at any time but it can also take time to nurture. Many businesses tend to fail even after several tries but that should not break your determination. Stay patient and focus on your goal to achieve success, who knows, you may even get a much bigger result for your long wait than if you gained success in a short period of time.

• Never fear expansion.
As mentioned earlier, if you want your business to become more successful than what it is now, make sure you expand. While starting your business in your home court is a good idea, it’s even wiser to continue conquering more ground—thus, reaching a bigger market—by expanding your business. Doing so will not only give you’re a bigger market but would also enhance your connections and the reach of your network.

• Keep your goals organized.
While juggling business, family and probably every other thing in your life, your schedule may become more jumbled. This can cause a possible hiccup in your otherwise consistently successful business. To avoid this, you should maintain a schedule as well as a to-do list to help you keep track of all the things you have already accomplished as well as those that still need your attention. Aside from that, you can also keep a priority goals journal to manage your tasks according to level of importance.


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