Money Misconceptions


Money is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world. There are so many misconceptions and myths that go with money. There are those who seemed obsessed with it. There are those who totally abhor it and think of it as synonymous to all the evil in the world.

Most financial advisors today emphasize the need for ‘money education.’ Financial literacy is a movement that has been followed by many. There are so many successful people who are from these movements.

There will never be enough money

Happiness is subjective. It is determined by circumstances. It is dependent on goals. So is contentment. I hate to hear people who constantly complain that the money is not enough. Yes, there are rainy days. There are times that people go broke. But having a person constantly complain about the lack in money has issues to deal with.

What most people neglect is to adjust their lifestyles. You can’t spend money on things you can’t afford. You can’t be constantly travelling if your every move is on credit. You should be able to predict the kind of lifestyle you have by the amount of money you earn.

As you go along with life, you can set your eyes on bigger budgets and adjust your lifestyles accordingly.

I need to double my earnings

Popular thinking promotes security (life, in general) with huge sums of money in the bank or in stocks. People would then begin exerting tremendous amounts of effort just to earn more, sometimes sacrificing sleep in the process.

What people do not understand is that financial security comes with the right investments and spending. It is not directly related to huge amounts of cash. Financial gain will increase in time but it is the right handling of cash that matters.

Money as Identity

There is a tendency to base confidence on the amount of cash in the bank. They embrace the brand that those who are wealthy drive those fancy cars and wear those awesome designer clothes, living in houses that are resort-like.

Although wealth attracts attention, it is never enough to keep friends (the authentic ones). Money will not get you to true love either. You don’t need a truckload of cash just to have some fun. You can still be happy and go in an adventure with less cash.

Money is Happiness

Happiness is never dependent on cash. Although there are people whose happiness is relevant to their amount of shopping activity, real happiness will never be found on cash alone.

It is not true that you will have less worries if you have loads of money. In fact, the more wealth you acquire, the greater your restlessness will be.

Money is Evil

This is the most ancient of all misconceptions. Any tool, no matter how useful or helpful it is, can be a murder weapon. The point is, money can be as useful and life-changing as it is, but it can also destroy a life who does not know how to handle it or who cannot manage it well.

Let no misconceptions stop you from generating wealth. All it takes is the right perspective. If handled right, money can make a lot of wonders for you.


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