Moving Up: How to Get Promoted


A promotion rarely ever just lands on your lap without much of an effort. You’d have to have a proactive approach if you want to move up the corporate ladder. Here are some of the things you can do to increase your chances of getting promoted.

1. Do your job well.
It goes without saying that in order for you to get that promotion, you have to perform your duties well and with due diligence. But don’t think that this is enough to land you the recognition and promotion that you’re striving for. Many people do great work and yet still get passed over. You need to excel in your current position and do more to move up the corporate ladder.

2. Discuss your goals with your manager.
Let your boss and your boss’s boss know that you’re seeking for a promotion. Ask for a meeting where you can discuss your ambitions and seek for their professional counsel on how you can get ahead. Alternatively, you can use your performance evaluation not only to discuss your accomplishments, but to talk with your manager about your hindrances to a promotion and how you can overcome them. People in top management understand ambition, so make sure that they are aware of your intent and they understand your goal.

3. Ask for more responsibilities
Taking in more responsibilities both in and outside your department increases your value within the organization. It shows that you’re interested and demonstrates your desire to help your department and the company to succeed. Volunteering for other duties also gets you noticed whilst displaying your good qualities, increasing your chances for senior management to become aware of you and your value.

4. Learn new knowledge and skills.
Expand your knowledge and skills in areas that are critical to the promotion you’re eyeing and the entire organization as well. You need to keep yourself marketable amidst the ever increasing technological advances and changing environmental forces.

5. Expand your network.
Build relations in and outside your department. The more people you know that are mindful of your skills and strengths and are aware of your ambition for a promotion, the more likely your name would come up when the opportunity arises. Besides, you will learn more about the company if you network with people from other areas outside your department.

6. Move across if you can’t move up.
If moving up from your area isn’t feasible any time soon, consider moving across into a different department in your company. Transferring from department to department gives you disparate skills and thereby contributes to your marketability. It also allows you to sample different working environments, enabling you to find your own niche and work at your best. Ultimately, moving across grooms you for an eventual promotion as you have the advantage of understanding how your company works across departments.

7. Present yourself professionally at all times.
Strive to be regarded as dependable, cooperative and a professional at all times. Imagine where you want your career to be in few years and start living it today. Dress the part. Dress for the position you’re aiming for and not the position that you have. Make sure that you are clear, professional and concise in your verbal and written communications. Don’t whine or lay the blame on others when things don’t go your way. And don’t be a clock watcher. Showing eagerness to clock out doesn’t show a strong commitment to your position and to the company.

8. Contribute ideas and solutions.
Come to your boss with a solution, not a problem. If a difficult situation arises, come up with at least one solution before going to your boss for his approval to deal with the problem. Problem solvers are most likely to be promoted. Whiners and complainers who expect their boss to solve everything are left behind.

Also, don’t hesitate to propose constructive suggestions on how to do things better. Some managers may not welcome this, but this signals that you have initiative, you’re proactive and you are capable of handling big issues. It also shows that you welcome change rather than fear it.


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