Put a Handle on Your Watch


Realities on Time Management You Keep Ignoring

There are different perceptions of time. Sometimes it would feel like an hour is too fast, sometimes it would feel like a minute is eternity. The way ancient people quantify time (this is, before clocks were made), is solely based on the idea of waiting for the sunrise and the sunset. It might be a little later before they started observing shadows and all so imagine how they conduct their daily activities.

The problem, according to a key speaker I’ve heard when I was younger, is not about the lack of time. In fact, he supports Benjamin Franklin’s idea that if you want something done, better give it to a busy person.

The main problem is what is done to the abundance of time that are left unaccounted for. It is the thought that we have all the time in the world that spell disaster.

When time is not managed well, you get to a lot of loose ends you will spend more time tying up have you managed your time well the first time.

Missed Deadlines is a Killer

Deadlines are deadlines for a reason. Tasks are time-bounded because plans are well-laid out. When schedule is mishandled, deadlines are affected. Missed deadlines is a killer. It kills all the energy you put into a task. It destroys team work if you are working with a team.

Productivity suffers when time is unaccounted for. Team dynamics becomes poor and team morale is damaged when productivity declines. The quality of outputs is definitely affected when the process is rushed.

All of these lead to a career marred by inefficiency which is never going to help you go up a step higher at the ladder of success.

The Way around It

If you are one of those who consistently bang your head against the wall for not managing your time wisely, do not lose hope yet. You will find that putting a handle on your schedule is just like developing any other habit—it begins with small manageable steps.

Time management begins with a list of the tasks you’ve set out to do. Arrange the shortlist according to importance, urgency, and amount of time needed to finish the task. Get a daily planner and plot those tasks strategically. Allot more time where it is due. Eliminate unproductive habits.

It will be a lot of help to carry that daily planner with you. It is also advised to get one that is big enough for you to look at every day. This way, you will stay motivated and reminded. It will help you get a picture of your planner in your head, too.

When a day becomes too hectic, make time for breaks. If tasks are too stressful, find time to refresh yourself. Attack the idea with a reinvigorated you. A power nap boosts the capacities of the brain and you’ll feel physically reenergised once you wake up.

All habits begin with small manageable steps. Start making lists and putting things into writing. This way, the time you spend on these things will help you maximize your time as the days go by.


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