Qualities of a Stand-Out Product


With almost anything and everything already invented and innovated, you may think there are nothing more you could do to make your product stand out. That’s where you’re wrong. Because of modernization in the business industry—with a plenty of help from technology—your imagination is the only limit to what products you can sell.

Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers believe that to make your product stand out, you should “develop a unique identity” as well as a “value proposition” using a strategic branding without forgetting to provide quality products for your customers. He also listed a couple of characteristics common to most successful product brands which you could use as a guide in creating your own standout product.

1. Knowledge about the target market.

Believe it or not, trying to create a product that would appeal to everyone is impossible without diluting the company’s brand. It can be counterproductive and would most likely lead to unsuccessful business. This is why knowing the demographics of the market you are targeting is an important way to determine how to approach them. It also provides the tone and reach of the marketing campaign that would make your product irresistible to your audience. Aside from that, knowing your customers background would also provide valuable information to help you create the overall identity of your brand.

2. Uniqueness.

Products may be essentially the same—detergents, shampoos, etc.—but there are certain things about each brand that distinguishes them from all the others. This should also be what you aim for when developing your own brand. Take Apple for example. While it has been contested many times by many brands, it still maintained a number of loyal customers because it has created—and maintained—an appealing minimalistic and innovative image. Domino’s Pizza may taste the same as any other pizza brands but it has given its customers a unique and very enticing offer of getting their product for free if the delivery is not in their customer’s doorstep within 30 minutes.

3. Passion.

You may be able to create a brand out of your passion easily but you do not have the assurance that it would fare well in the overall market. Aside from propelling you to strive to improve, having the passion for your industry would also help open your mind to all the possibilities and sustain the product in the long run.

4. Consistency.

Maintaining a particular image while promoting innovative changes is not that difficult. You just need to decide on what you want others to see your product as and maintain it. Consistency in product development also assures your customer who acquires your product a second time around that he would have the same satisfaction as the first time he tried it out.

5. Use vivid language.

When promoting or naming your product, you should make sure to get your nutshell working and come up with something extraordinary but precise. This means you can mix and match words—even some which you do not usually use together—to describe your product in a way that your target market gets a clear image of what it would be. You should also refrain from generics or those that rhyme with other brands as it may lead to confusion.


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