Retrieve Time before Wasting It


The Science of Making Every Second Worth It

If time were based on feelings, we are all doomed.

All men are equal—whether created or big banged. We all have time in our hands. Some have the luxury of having it along with money, some have to use it to gain money. Whatever the case is, we all have time in our hands.

Time is a priceless commodity. Some compare it to gold. Some treat it like poop, it just have to go.

I heard a story from a friend about a shopkeeper who opened his store to distribute his goods to anybody who wants to take anything—for free. Everybody took not less than five minutes and got what they wanted. To the shopkeeper’s surprise, his son came up and asked him to spend some time with him.

What we spend time on is what is dear to us. For entrepreneurs, businesses and other start-ups are like babies. Time and attention are needed. As a consequence, everybody down the line is expected to spend time wisely.

Maximizing time begins with a cohesive list of the things you need to do. Knowing the mountains to be tackled prepares your mind from what to do. It also helps you gather what you will need. Being certain of what needs to be done lessens the stress from the workload because the mind has adjusted on what to expect.

Once a list has been made, arrange the tasks according to the estimated time it will take to finish them. You can list them according to urgency, as well. Doing the most critical and time-consuming tasks early on will give you a sense of power over the tasks. Plus, you are at your freshest self during the first parts of the day.

It helps you make the most out of your time because once the biggest mountain is flattened, it will be easier to deal with the other tasks. You’ll tend to be more creative, too.

We learn most from what we see. Visual learning has taken the lead in the education system. The government and educational institutions invest money on visual aids and materials that illustrate the lessons well.

One way to get visual with your task is to mind map them. Begin with the lead idea at the center of a piece of paper and build you way around it. Attach ideas connected to it and form clusters along where it is necessary. This is one of the fastest and visually-stimulating way to brainstorm alone and as a group.

Mind maps bring out every possible detail available, whether closely or loosely connected to the main idea. If the map is about a task, you will map out all the needed work for the job.

If the job becomes too great for you, or a task becomes too time-consuming for you, it is the best time to delegate work. Hire an assistant. Work with another person. You have to focus your time on things that concern the core of your business.

I’d like to conclude with this famous quote from Abraham Lincoln: Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” It is how we use time that makes us reach the goals we set. Take time and think about what you have just read.



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