Stupid Reasons behind All-or-Nothing Mentality


How to Determine When Risk is Plain Hype

People make decisions for different reasons. Some decisions are made out of lack of time. They are forced and not well-thought out. Some decisions ate hours of sleep and tons of brain juice. Some are just felt from the heart, and it feels right.

Risks accompany decisions. They are the unknown, the scary aftermath. Things can be calculated well and the results predicted. But there is still some risk involved. Based on how you prepare for the outcome, the degrees of these risks vary.

The development of the technological capabilities of our times pushed decision making to a whole new level. Decisions had to be done with minutes to ponder. Anyone who wishes something from us can reach us anytime through our phones and emails. We have less time to think with more options to consider.

Promotional campaign people do everything in their skills and their tools to create movements and hype. In fact, the whole marketing culture we have today is largely based on hype. We are not just offered the things that we need, we are deliberately manipulated to feel like we need something better—that is in every few months (or years, depending on the product).

After reading a couple of articles and stories of successful people, you were moved to begin your own thing. After all, it is never too late. If they were able to do it, you can, too, right?

The Object of your RISK
Whether the sudden bravery you feel is the promise of promotion, a new job offer, an extremely innovative product, or a new business solution, make sure that you did a feasibility study and counter-checking.

As much as possible, go over everything more than twice with as many trusted persons as possible. Even if it is true that not all opinions are valuable, it is also true that the more you talk about your idea, the clearer it gets to you.

If at the end of assessing the object of your risk, you can’t see a logical reason why you have to go forward with it, then your idea is just plain hype. Either discard it or let it grow in time.

The motive behind the RISK
Certain things push us to make decisions. As described above, decisions have their root motives. Be driven by positive goals and not negative emotions. Don’t leave your company just because of a break-up or resign because your boss said something offensive.

Avoid making reaction decisions wherein situations predict what you will do. Make objective actions instead. If the office becomes too toxic, do not leave right away. If another company offers the job you have applied for in months, do not jump in right away.

Calculate the risks, check your motives. Remember that some things cannot be measured by money alone.

Risks can either be stupid or life-altering. Risks are never evil on their own. It is the ‘thing’ that makes them reasonable or rash that counts. Take as many risks as possible. After all, “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”


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