The Big Picture Strategy: Why It Works


For both bosses and employees, a good view of the big picture determines success and failure.  Going through the daily routines and spending time on small tasks tend to distract us from the goal and lose vibrancy.

A healthy company involves people who have caught a glimpse of the big goal and work towards it. A vision has many aspects but it takes collaborative effort to bring it to completion.

Having a big picture creates bonds and links among employees and bosses. Each piece of work is deemed necessary and therefore valued. Everyone feels a good sense of self-worth, which is helpful for the overall health of a company.

Companies who neglect the necessities of laying out the big picture produce a work environment that is dry. People come to work and not build a company. There is a difference.

What really is the purpose of the Big Picture?

One reason why it is needed is it gives a good perspective on things. When work becomes too stressful and going to the office becomes too much of a routine work, being reminded of the end goal reinvigorates the soul and rekindles the fire inside.

You can always take a step back and picture out the reason why you are working so hard in the first place. You can also assess whether the task you are currently working on fires up the steam towards the vision or puts out the fire of your dreams.

The big picture is usually not the end in itself. Sometimes, it is just a tool to keep you moving forward towards a bigger picture. Ideas do not come in one piece of perfectly painted canvass. Sometimes all you have are images and pictures that will complete the bigger picture.

In line with that thought, the big picture is just another door to a bigger picture. Of course, you set goals as big as your dreams are. However, it comes to a point when you realize that a bigger scheme is at play and you adjust accordingly.

The big picture is not a box you put yourself in. It is a springboard to propel you somewhere more productive. It is used to generate more ideas and to come up with better strategies.


Leaders who have been through thick and thin know the value of a clear goal. In good times, it keeps the feet on the ground. In times of defeat, it keeps the chin up. It creates balance and stability which are both necessary in this frenzy-crazed world. It keeps you from the temptation of moving forward for the sake of moving forward.

Sometimes we find ourselves stumbling over obstacles we face today but always see the big picture and keep moving forward. – Tom Krause

A well-painted vision also solidifies identity. With a solid identity comes focus and determination. A clear identity eliminates the distractions early on. Energy and time are spent wisely and targets are set accordingly.

Usually, the big picture springs forth at moments you don’t expect. It may be an idea that you have been trying to bring out for some time. It may be a spark in the dark that turned into a massive wildfire. The big picture connects you to that ‘A-ha!’ moment and sets you on your feet again.


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