The Bittersweet Effect


Factors to Ponder Before Leaving Your Job

A quick Google search will define a stepping stone as something that helps you get or achieve something. Others define it as a circumstance that assists progress towards some goal.

A ‘stepping stone’ job can be as lustrous as a supernova or as draining as a black hole. The main idea is it is not permanent. The problem with this train of thought is that in the long run, it makes you tired. It sucks the drive out of you. You getting stressed out little by little without knowing it.

The instant call of action in times like this is to keep looking forward to migrating to that greener side of the hill and do something different, something that make you #whole as a person. You begin asking the grand thought and start questioning your very existence. You begin considering whether to stay or quit.

You begin talking to yourself and repeating after some genius guy in saying, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Before getting yourself worked out and start cleaning up your desk, make sure to get a clean sheet of paper and a good pen (make sure it’s really good!) and write your thought about the things listed below:
What makes me want to pack up?
When people are hurt, migrating even to Mars sounds like the most logical plan. Any place but that office, right?

Getting your finger on that pet peeve might just be the case. Make sure that when you live your job, it is not just some ‘someone-stole-my-chocolate-pudding’ kind of thing. If you feel like being boxed in what you are doing, try some creative courses after work.

Are you generally, healthy?
Sounds weird, doesn’t it? What we mean here is, are you healthy enough to make healthy decisions?

Some factors that lead to a person quitting job may just be lack of sleep or a side effect of an existing physical condition. Another thing to put into the equation is the source of resources. What will finance you before landing a job? Is there a job waiting for you?

Some make rash, irrational decisions because of a recent break-up or family-related trouble. If this is what drives you in clearing your desk, I beg you to stop and think some more. Give it a week or two.

Do you fit in?
Most companies, especially these days, develop a certain kind of culture. They build it and are guided by it.

Some just automatically adjust to work culture as if they were born in it. Others just needs time. If you are unhappy or just does not feel like you can tune up and be in the same vibes, well, take some more time. More importantly, it doesn’t always mean that you have to change the way you dress right away. Sometimes, you don’t even need to change at all. You are another factor in the culture.

As long as you are doing what you are tasked to do, and keeping a good set of professional work ethics, you will fit in, no matter what.

The answers to these questions will point you towards a set of actions. I hope you wrote your answers clearly.


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