The Business Etiquette Basics


Like any other profession or jobs, there are certain rules and etiquette you need to remember when entering any business venture. Following business etiquette is not only essential to create a good image for your company but is also a source of network and good connections for the future.

Aside from the usual good manners and right conduct which should have been automatic to anyone who wishes to make a good impression there are also certain gestures that should be done in particular situations. Among these include:

• Sending out notes of gratitude.
Be it a note with flowers or a simple thank you card, expressing your gratitude for a job well done or even a simple good act done to you will reflect greatly on you and your company. It also gives the person receiving your note the pleasant feeling of being appreciated no matter how small his act may be. Who knows, some of these people may even become a business partner or even friend in the future.

• Remember people’s names.
When entering the business world, you may be introduced at least a hundred times to different people who may look alike to you. But, no matter how difficult it may be, it is very important that you remember the name to match the face no matter who the person is. Doing this could hone your ability to impress the higher ups but it would also make you more likeable even to “commoners.”

• Make eye contact when speaking with anyone.
While technology can be very distracting, it is very important that you keep eye contact or at least maintain your face leveled with the one you’re talking to and not on your phone or a laptop. Though many people may think that multitasking by speaking to a co-worker while talking over the phone and checking your email, we should never forget to maintain the proper way of conversing: by keeping eye contact.

• When in doubt, introduce people.
It is true that we are living in a small world. However, since you ought to meet many people in the business sector, you should make sure to introduce them if you’re unsure if they know each other. This removes the possibility of being though to be discourteous.

• Hand-shakes are still the standard professional greeting.
Even if you personally know a person, never forget to shake his hand not only when closing a business deal but all the time. It is also a simple gesture that emanates politeness and confidence, and makes you more approachable.

• Never interrupt.
Even if you’re not a businessman, you should remember that interrupting a conversation or a person’s chance to talk is downright impolite. Keeping your mouth shut while the one you’re talking with is still finishing his sentence would also help in avoiding misunderstandings that can lead to heated discussions.

• Always double check.
When sending emails or business correspondence via traditional mail, you should always double—even triple check the document for possible spelling and grammatical errors. Doing this will not only save you from being seen as an illiterate, it would also give you the chance to countercheck the facts included in the letter.


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