The Business Tycoons’ Secret Guide to Success- Part 2


     Being a businessman is like any other profession—it requires a positive attitude and sound reasoning. It also requires a little bit more of PR than other jobs. However, those are not just the things that make a great businessman worthy of being called a tycoon.

     As mentioned in the first part of this article, there is a common denominator for all self-made business giants including—but not limited to—those who made it to the Forbes 400 richest of the rich. This list not only enumerates wealthy Americans but also powerful people who have so much influence in their industry that they have been hailed as heroes by aspiring businessmen.

     So, without further ado, we present the second part of the business tycoon’s secret guide to success based on a book by W. Randall Jones entitled “The Richest Man in Town: The Twelve Commandments of Wealth.”

7. Fail in order to succeed.
There is no business tycoon that was not able to experience defeat and failure in any way because risking and failing a couple of times is part of the road to success. Aside from that, failure, according to Jones, is one of the greatest teachers any businessman can have. Jones also noted that with failures bring out the resilient side of a person which he deemed as one of the most important qualities of business tycoon.

8. You can succeed anywhere.
Sometimes, aspiring businessmen make the mistake of thinking that there is better opportunity in other countries and continents when in fact being a true blue business tycoon is based on a person’s skills and talent in managing his time, connections and resources. You can also build a tycoon in you not by relocating in bigger cities but by making something “big” even in small towns.

9. Moor yourself to morals.
If you think that businessmen have “sold their souls to the devil” just so they can reach where they are now, you should think again. You may think that they are stepping on other people’s shoes when in fact, they are putting themselves in those same shoes in order to get hold of fresh ideas that can benefit the people. Businessmen will also become successful—in every essence of the word—by making it a point to integrate their values into the founding and managing of their companies. Not only does it feel good, it also gives businessmen the good image through earning and maintaining people’s trust that can become their best asset.

10. Believe in the power of sales.
Selling does not necessarily mean you have to trick people into buying it. According to Jones, most successful entrepreneurs and even professionals become reach the top of their game by “selling” something. That is because sales can be used not only for products but also for services. You can even sell yourself to a prospected employer during your job interviews. All you need is a little bit of fancy words and sincerity.

11. Learn from both success and failure stories.
While experiencing the actual thing for yourself is good, you may not have the opportunity to do so in some instances. During these times, you may make use—or “borrow”—lessons from other people’s success as well as failure stories. This means you do not have to risk failing every time you need to learn about something. Simply choose a role model and learn from his story.

12. Businessmen never retire.
While you may pass on the throne of being the head of your company, you should remember to never retire from being a business-minded person. This is because successful people are those whose brains are continuously stimulated and are never dulled over time.


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