The Constants in the Equation of Success


Things That Never Changed When It Comes To Success

The world is subject to change. In fact some cling to the fact that change is the only thing that will never change. Our planet is the result of billions and billions of years of change. Civilizations are periods of change and breakthroughs. One group advances against another. Cultural changes occur and the courses of different nations are altered.

The business world has faced a lot of changes, too. Technology forced faster transactions and complex business solutions. Money has never been earned so hard and so fast at the same time. Some may argue on the difficult part, but well.

However, some things remain constant. Principles that push people towards success remain the same. Although some of the famous billionaires today prefer t-shirts and sneakers and more and more youngsters join the Billionaire’s club, they all hold on to the same general truths about life and stashing cash.

These successful people never set out without a clear strategy. Now, it doesn’t mean that things always go as planned. Most of them faced life-crushing failures. What is being pointed out here is that the vision they carry surpass the trenches they occasionally fall into.

Success does require risks. It is not for those who play it safe. Some would prefer the word radical. Although there is a big difference between intelligent risks and plain impulses (I don’t want to say stupid), the will to give it all you could is priceless, justified or not.

You cannot have everything at the snap of the finger. You cannot build a couple of successful companies all at the same time. You cannot have success without failure.

The determining factor is the attention given to a project. In this world where multi-tasking is viewed as a necessary skill, success doesn’t come by doing three/four things at the same time. It should be a matter of single-minded attention to a goal. This is not to limit you with what you can achieve. But at least based on most success stories, life is taken one success at a time.

The power to draw attention is vital to be on top. Those who have ‘made it’ just have the uncanny power to draw people to their campaigns. They encourage a following because people find them persuading and at the same time trustworthy—both necessary to draw attention to the product.

The power to imagine something that does not exist yet and the capability to see five steps forward and hold on to the idea until it materializes are still what makes successful people a success. The ability to hold on to what is seen and imagined despite the many contradictions and votes against it separates those who get stuck and those who move forward.

These people never back down at the face of problems. They continuously seek challenges. They see them as opportunities.

The world is waiting for the next success story—yours. Go for the things that push you forward. Whether you are into suit or into shirts, the things mentioned above have no alternatives, you just have to embrace them, brace yourself, and hope for the best.


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