The Root of Happiness


β€œFor every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

In just a short amount of time, the music video of Pharrel Williams’s ‘Happy’ went viral. Soon, more and more people tapped into the song and recorded their own crazy happy dance routine.

Happiness is contagious. One genuine smile triggers another smile from a person. A smile for a smile. One of the famous Mark Twain quotes on happiness says that sanity and happiness can never co-exist.

Everybody is in some kind of pursuit of happiness. There are so many avenues where happiness can be achieved since it is subjective. Some people make success in their careers the foundation of their happiness. Some in their families.

The problem these days is the branding of happiness. The world of advertising has rebranded happiness and associated it with their products. Consumerism has been linked with the word. People nowadays feel that the only way they can be happy is when they acquire or consume.

What should be the root of happiness? When is it valid? Or rather, when does happiness become something worthy of pursuit?


Happiness should not depend on anyone nor anything. It mus be rooted deep within you. When you are in a sense of being content with yourself, then real happiness can be felt, no matter how difficult the situation is.

Make self-growth the object of your happiness. Keep improving. Devote yourself to the challenge of developing your skills and character. Set worthy goals that push you to your limits.

If you feel that your are in the exact position where you wanted to be, happiness is not difficult to achieve. Being at peace with your goals and ambitions sets you up for emitting happiness. Set bite-sized goals to keep yourself from frustrations.


Happiness experts agree on spending on experiences instead on things. Travel and explore the world. Put your money into good use and give your feet some good amount of walking, running, and hiking.

Activities that break the office routine fuels the happiness well in you. Man is at his best when constantly fed with the beauty of nature. Let the awesome planet stir some happiness in you!


This does not mean that you will have to depend on people to be happy. This entails spending time and even money on people. Psychologists have observed that helping others out brings the best in people.

The best way to begin enriching other people’s lives is in your inner circle: your closest relationships. You will be thankful in bad times that you have spent time to cultivate your relationship with your family. They will be your wall that protects you and shoulder when you need comfort.

You may begin by giving meaningful gifts to the people you love. You may also send encouraging text messages or even e-mails.

The more you give value to people, the better value you give to yourself. This way, you’ll continue bringing out the best in you by helping others in their journey.

Happy people are contagious. Find one and learn from them. If you think real happiness is impossible, just spend some time in public places and look for smiles that warms the heart. You’ll feel yourself breaking out a smile, too.


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