The Wisdom in One Step at a Time MO: Why Focus is Underrated


Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”
― Zig Ziglar

I remember playing a shooting game on the computer when I was a kid. The game allows you to move a crosshair around the screen while the targets—the most annoying-looking set of chickens I have seen—move and hide around the farm the game was set on.

Times change faster than the clock’s second hand. The buzzword almost everybody is camping on today is multi-tasking. We glorified it as a skill vital to success. These days, not being able to multi-task is deemed a weakness. In fact, most job postings would indicate this as a huge factor among the candidates.

Perhaps, it is our technology that propelled us to multi-task. The machines built to make life easier for man has become the burden every worker is carrying. Our mobile technologies kept us on the move. And as their ultimate comeback, they made us immobile in one way or another.

What this generation lacks is the ability to focus. The idea to do one thing at a time has gone old school. Our web browsers can open multiple tabs at a time, our computers can process multiple software programs simultaneously.

We banked on the idea that we had maximize what we have—whether in terms of devices or personal time other forms of investments.

If you think the same way, you may want to read on and hear some points on the benefits of being zoomed in on a single target.

Save time
Although it seems that doing one thing at a time will take you forever to finish your work load, it has been proven that doing one task or one set of tasks is more productive than opening all of them at the same time, jumping from one task to another.

Quality work demands time and undivided attention—something that multi-tasking will never accomplish. Having your mind set on a task builds up your momentum in doing it, which in the long run, will give you more time than you can imagine.

Attention to Detail
Being set on a single thing, your mind will work its way around providing more detail to your output. You start seeing slightly uneven edges in your work and correct them. While you are at it, you suddenly think of a good design to put on it. You improvise while you perfect your work.

In ideas, you start seeing perspectives you have never thought of before. Question after question come, some easily answered, and some needed more thinking and research. The thing is, with a focused mind, you just keep improving to your heart’s content.

Since you have spent your time on your work, you put more value into it. You start commanding respect to what you do. This way, the next tasks will be just as valuable, setting a standard of quality you will not be able to disregard yourself.

Mainstream media has underrated the wisdom in doing things one step at a time. Rediscover the Focused MO. Make the most out of your time. Hit those nasty chickens one after another!


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