The Workplace Jungle


How to Survive the Work Place Wildlife

The workplace is a tricky place. It is where heaven and hell could exist at the same place (sometimes in the same person). Most of the employees today spend half of their day, most of their week inside the four corners of their offices. They are surrounded by the people they call workmates and go through life with these colleagues.

There are several stages into your life as an office worker. It is sometimes like typical marriages. There is the honeymoon stage, then comes the rough patches here and there. More responsibilities come. Later, you’ll be having your third kid and life becomes a spin. There are good times, of course, but then comes stronger and uglier storms. Some overcome them, some just decide to quit and move on.

For some reason, you cannot just pack your bag (or suitcase) and leave. The truth of the matter is you needed to stay. Day after day, you go into this jungle of crazed and driven—also those with zero drive—people and work with them. Sometimes you are forced to call them your family, and your jungle (read office) your second home.

If this is the case, you have to get yourself together and gear up.

Deal with it one day at a time
The best way to stay sound and healthy in a toxic work environment is to leave the daily toxicity in the office. If the main problem is the system, know that you can never change it, no matter how charismatic you are.

Face the troubles that will come to your desk today. Do not concern yourself with things that are out of your reach, because well, they are out of your reach. You will only get frustrated. This does not mean that you will not care about your company. This means that you will stay productive and effective within your circle. Deal with it a day at a time. Focus your energy on what is on your slot.

Focus on yourself
Since the general idea is to fight a daily battle, use that same strategy to build yourself up. Know everything that you can about your job. Do everything with excellence and superb ethical standards. Show professionalism at its best.

People will listen to you because of what you can do and what you have done. You don’t have to mark your professional record with actions that were provoked by a toxic work environment. Choose to build your records despite the negativity around you.

Fortify yourself from horrible bosses
It is nothing new to everyone who has worked in a couple of companies. There will always be horrible superiors. There will also be colleagues who feel like they are your superiors.

Guard yourself from impossible bosses and workmates. If possible, always see your relationship with them from a distance, like thousands of miles away. Bosses will say the meanest things that might affect you and demotivate you.

A toxic work environment is like a baptism, a ritual of some kind. It is the door to the real world and a test of some sort. Overcoming it, coming out of it unscathed and full of victories will help you deal with the many aspects of life. Enjoy the wild ride!


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