What Makes A Successful Businessman


Do you believe you have what it takes to enter the world of entrepreneurship? Are you one of those people who aims for success in whatever you do? If you have answered both questions yes, then you’ll probably have to read on.

Becoming a successful businessman takes a little more than the money used to startup a shop. There are certain things you need to do and characteristics you must possess to be able to achieve your goal.

Among these characteristics, says Forbes contributor Erika Andersen, include the tenacity to pursue what you want to do and be able to enter business despite possible risks. She also explained that a good businessman uses his creativity and intuition to aid him in making decisions that can make or break their company. Furthermore, she emphasized that becoming an entrepreneur means that you should be able to exude passion for what you do. This was echoed by Entrepreneur’s James Stephenson who listed a couple of “musts” a successful entrepreneur—or anyone— should have to become successful in whatever they do.

1. Choose a venture that you will enjoy.

Having a business that would make you feel satisfied is a little bit more important than the financial gain it provides you since it cannot be taken away by anyone. Aside from that, enjoying what you do reflects in the business itself—it becomes successful if you enjoyed it and unsuccessful if not.

2. Be serious with what you do.

Believing in your products and services makes it even easier to sell them. And, being serious enough not to get sidetracked by naysayers and other ventures from your business is a very important step in achieving success.

3. Prepare a plan for everything.

Every aspect of your business should be written down into a plan first to allow you to see possible shortcomings and downfalls, providing you an early chance at correcting possible mistakes in your operations. Having a business plan can also provide you with a chance to analyze the industry you are entering and determine whether or not it would be successful.

4. Manage your cash flow wisely.

Monitoring the inflow and outflow of your money is very important to avoid bankruptcy as well as to check if the business endeavor is really one that would become successful. Managing your money also requires you to gain knowledge about income and expenses as well as your store’s inventory, equipment and tools that need to be replaced, and the amount needed for promotional services. You should also be able to pay yourself while maintaining the cost of operations.

5. Keep your business customer-oriented.

Whether you provide goods and/or services, you should make sure that you keep customer satisfaction your first priority. You should not stoop as low just so you can beat your competition. Successful and famed businessmen even advise newbies to follow their principles in running their business because it’s an important part of the endeavor that serves as a stepping stone towards success.

6. Know your market.

Market in business language means your customers. Businesses gain edge over their competition if they know their customers’ wants and specific needs whether for a particular product or service. Having this knowledge allows the entrepreneur to offer personalized attention which can become their edge in the particular industry they have chosen.


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