When Hard Work is Just Plain Hard Work


Why Sticking to Upsetting Jobs is Wise

Kids always have the most fascinating answers in the world. When asked about their dreams, they have this otherworldly (read spooky) ability to turn the most boring jobs into the most thrilling occupations one could ever have.

Some of the most tedious jobs in the world involve record keeping, routine work, accounts managers, school teachers, and the list goes on.

It can be argued that a job being boring or exciting is subjective. Even those that are involved in adrenaline-rich jobs find that when something goes routinely, the luster fades, the thrill subsides.

We are the innocent targets of thousands of marketing campaigns all over the world every day. We take daily doses of shout outs and call-to-actions. We are subconsciously being influenced to move and make decisions. We are made to feel urgency and alarm, pressuring us to do something.

Being in the eye of storms of movements and campaigns made us value thrill and excitement. We discard the tedious and boring events. Routine is devalued.

We all occasionally get lost in the daydreams of living life in our dream jobs. However, it has been found that doing routine work and staying in boring jobs does more to us than we think.

Before stressing yourself out with thoughts of negativity, here is some light to why you have to stick to your current boring job. For now.

It’s shouldn’t last forever.
Sticking to a boring job is different from getting stuck to it. Instead of wallowing while writing down your to do list, look forward to the not-distant future. Make your boring job a challenge and a reminder that what you’re doing is not what you are supposed to do for the rest of your life.

Incorporate your passion into the boring work you do. Harry Potter’s creator, J.K. Rowling, made her plots while doing a routine job as a secretary.

It should help you get focused.
Since today’s values are centered on productivity, people think that accomplishing three substandard outputs is better than one masterpiece. Society has forgotten the value of putting more time into what is being done. We need more things in less time.

Boring jobs give you the opportunity to value routine and more routine. They help in producing the stick-to-it attitude—something you have to learn sooner.

It should get you thinking.
Just the fact that you are not enjoying what you are doing should get you thinking. What are your plans?

What things move you to sleepless nights because you are so excited about doing them?

Being at boring jobs is much more like meditation. You get a peek at your inner self and try to achieve inner peace. It helps you contemplate on the things that you need to get a handle on with your life. It also helps you find out what you really want in life. It provides an avenue for you to look at and gives the drive to pursue those goals.

Do not run away from hard work. Maybe the money is slow. Maybe you are not that interested. Never forget that it could lead to the biggest doors you can open in your life.

Now, don’t forget to clock in.


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